1300 Number Cost

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Free 1300 Number with Reach!

For a limited time Reach is offering New Customers $0 Monthly Access Fee on 1300 Numbers.

Send us an Email or Call 1300 073 224 for details.


What is a 1300 or inbound number?

Inbound numbers such as 1300 numbers are Australian virtual business numbers that are used to receive incoming calls which can then be redirected to any answer point you choose, this can be a landline number, mobile phone or even a professional answering service.


What are the advantages of having an inbound number?

Marketing and advertising:

Inbound numbers help your business look more professional and larger whilst you work hard to make it that way. 


Most customers only call businesses in their area or state and this can impact your growth if you operate nationally but with an inbound number you can increase the incoming calls from any state.

 Relocating made easy:

Just like people, businesses also move. Moving a landline number can be costly and could result in downtime and sometimes risk of losing your phone number which means your customers will lose contact with you but with inbound numbers you can simply redirect the calls to the new premises when you are ready.

Easy to remember:

Inbound numbers are easy to remember and if available, you can use words like:  1 3000 REACH or 1300 073 224.


What Is the Difference Between 1300 and 1800 Numbers?

 1800 numbers are free for customers to call and cost of the calls are charged to the business but when calling a 1300 number the cost of the call is shared between the business and the caller is charged the cost of a local call. (the cost is different for mobiles) 


If you like to find out more information on these numbers click here to send us an email or call us on 1300 073 224