Cloud Services

Cloud computing is the process of sharing resources to optimize performance by using a network of computers to store and process information, rather than a single

machine. Servers, storage and network equipment are pooled together to provide a distributed platform in which any application or service can run on multiple pieces of physical equipment. This provides resilience, scalability, and resource efficiency, thus reducing unit cost of computing power or storage.

Why Cloud?


  • Scale up and down to meet organization’s requirements
  • Adjust IT expenditures to meet immediate needs
  • No more building for the future, or being constrained by decisions made in the past


In the past, a lot of IT budget was spent on human resources to manage software. With cloud computing, that’s no longer an issue. Now, resources can focus on how the solution will help you further your mission. The IT piece belongs to somebody else


Data in the cloud is much more secure than what lives on a tower under a desk or in a small unsecured server room


Using cloud technology reduces maintenance fees. No more servers, software, and update fees. Many of the hidden costs associated with software implementation, customization, hardware, maintenance, and training are rolled into a transparent subscription fee


Reach offers a wide range of cloud services to suit different businesses, Below is some of the services available:


Reach Cloud Storage & Backup

  • NAS Backup
  • Server Backup

Reach Cloud Messaging & Collaborations

  • Fax to Email
  • SMS to Email
  • Communicator
  • Office 365

Reach Cloud Computing

  • Cloud Desktop
  • Cloud Server

Domains & Web Hosting

Do you need help choosing the right service for your business needs? We can create a solution specific for your business needs and help your business run significantly cost effective and efficient. give us a call on 1300 073 224 or request a free consultation below.

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