Fixed Service/ISDN/Multiline Services with Business Landlines Melbourne

Fixed Services

Reach offers a range of fixed line options, with plans designed to save you money. There are no contracts and you can change plans at any time.


ISDN is a high-speed method of sending voice and data on a digital phone line to national and international destinations.

Its speed and clarity mean that customers can use it to send and receive text, voice, video and images in seconds. ISDN currently allows users to transmit data, high speed faxes, picture quality videotex, broadcast quality audio and slow scan TV.

ISDN is based on the conversion of information into a digital form. Digitisation involves sampling information and converting it into a number of zeros or ones. Digital information has many advantages over analogue information in that it can have higher quality, it can be transmitted much more quickly and, of course, it is compatible with computers.

Other advantages of Reach’s Telecom’s ISDN include the relatively rapid transmission rate which means it can handle several times the data rate the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) can support.

Do you need help choosing the right service for your company needs? We can create a solution specific for your small or big business landline plans and help your enterprise run significantly cost effective and efficient. give us a call on 1300 073 224 or request a free consultation below.

Melbourne Office Phone System Installation Advantages:

Local Number Portability

Allows you to move or ‘port’ your indial telephone numbers to us, with no need to change your contact numbers if you are changing carrier

Direct in dial

Optimise the efficiency of your voice network by allocating number ranges across your ISDN.

Calling number display – outgoing & incoming

Display your number to called parties so they can identify you and Identify callers by their number.

Call barring

Control your costs by restricting access to expensive call types

Temporary Call Redirection

Manage the handling of incoming calls during planned outages or short term relocations

Relocation Diversion

Keep your numbers when you relocate

Number Only Diversion

Advertise local numbers in locations where you have no offices, and redirect calls to your main offices.

Hunt Groups

Ensure that your incoming calls are distributed efficiently.


Optus Multiline is a digital trunk telephone service providing maximum functionality for larger offices with digital PABX systems.

Melbourne office phone systems primary rate ISDN voice services, with each connection supporting between ten and thirty trunk lines and is available in formats complying to the Austel standard TS014 or ETSI TS038 common channel signalling protocol.

Optus Multiline is available in most CBD, metropolitan and major regional locations.

Extension level billing

Manage your call costs extension by extension.

Directory and Emergency Services Listings

A basic White Pages directory listing for each of your MultiLine services, unless you have specified for your service to be a Silent Line. A single ‘main number’ will be listed for each Optus MultiLine service. All service numbers and address details are also forwarded to the Integrated Public Number Database used by Emergency Services, in accordance with ACA regulations1.

Dual Exchange Homing*

Extra reliability with business continuity if one exchange or access link fails.

Battery Backup

If you have network termination equipment at your premises, battery backup ensures continuity of service in the case of site power outages (in accordance with the ACA/ACIF standard S002:2001). Battery backup units are dimensioned to provide 2 - 4 hours of backup

Malicious Call Tracing

A Malicious Call Trace feature allows you to activate an alarm signal to the exchange during an unwelcome call. The Optus exchange records details of the unwelcome call, including a party number, and Optus can arrange for a letter to be sent to the originator of the unwelcome call or initiate further action.

PABX And Modem Interworking

MultiLine will interwork with PABXs complying to the TS038 (ETSI) and TS014 (Australian) ISDN DSS1 signalling protocols. Optus MultiLine can also be used for modem calls.

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